The giants, the hidden gems and the accidental vegans of Bangkok

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Bangkok’s Vegan Scene

There are plenty of options for vegan food in Bangkok. Healthy, not so healthy, pricey, cheap and everything in between. The Bangkok Vegan lists the giants, the small gems and the accidental vegans of Bangkok’s vegan scene. Come along!

Well-known, established forces on the Bangkok vegan scene

The Giants

 These are the restaurants you will see in your social media feeds, Google searches and hear about from friends. They have either been around for long or recently entered the stage with a bang and quickly become household among vegans and aspiring plant-eaters alike.


Well-presented comfort food

With no less than five branches in central Bangkok, Veganerie is definitely a giant. Presentations are fantastic and you’re plant-skeptic friends are sure to be surprised by the taste. Savory and sweet means it’s not always the healthiest, and it is among the most pricey options.

+ Visually appealing

+ Great deserts

– Not the healthiest

– Pricey

– No free water service

Broccoli Revolution

Cozy ambiance

2 branches along Sukhumvit road. Library surroundings in the Embassy mall and hip industry-vibe in the Sukhumvit 49 location. A multitude of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not cheap, but good quality ingredients with many well-designed menu options. 

+ Healthy bowls

+ Cozy athmosphere

– Pricey


 Small, yet great

Barefood is located in a small street at walking distance from BTS Ekkamai. The restaurant sports one large community table and a few seats along a window, that’s it. What it lacks in space it makes up for in food, especially with delicious nutcheeses that is used as topping or can be enjoyed on a platter as it is.

+ Bangkok’s best vegan burger?

+ The cheese

– Closed Sunday-Tuesday

– Not the place for guests that wants privacy


Fanciest of the bunch

The latest, hippest hangout for the plant-lovers of Bangkok is located a few minutes walk from BTS Phrom Phong. Great presentation. Highly recommended for a savory brunch.

+ Instagram friendly

+ Interesting menu options (Game Changers Burrito!)

– You guessed it, pricey

The places you might, but should not, miss out on

The Small Gems

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The places not really trying, but still offering decent vegan options

The Accidental Vegans

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Bangkok’s vegan scene-rating


We would like to see more cheap places and decent street food alternatives. 


Vegan places tend to be hip and trendy, and since the demand is still not as for non-vegan food, the prices naturally are higher.


With Vistro opening last year and the established restaurants continuing improving and opening new branches, it looks good.


Positive development during the last couple of years. If cheaper options comes along and a few more easily accesible options pop up, we might be looking a t 4 stars soon.





Did we forget your favorite vegan option? Did we get the rating wrong? Let us know!